No one is perfect, but a Team might be!

Pavel Karpov

SEO Expert, Inbound Digital Marketer

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I am an SEO expert, digital marketer and analytics professional with strong technical background. I believe in data and believe, that data is only valuable when it is used and its context is clearly understood.

My goal is to help you to establish a dialogue with the search engines and social networks, as well as to generate a digital representation of your brand, taking into account the behavioral factors of users interacting with it.

White hat SEO, trust-based marketing, personalized, and customer-oriented – that is the way I do prefer. I can be called an evangelist of inbound marketing.

Ilya Stechkin

Ph.D., Digital Marketing Expert

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I aim at making your IT business produce marketing content with the least possible effort from your technical staff, but with their participation.

“Marketing content” is the content which: a) creates conditions for effective sales (contributes to brand recognition and awareness among target audiences); b) generates requests from potential customers (leads).

The target audiences are understood as the representatives of your services/goods consumers responsible for making decisions about budgeting or able to influence the decision-makers.

I only work with high technology companies, with the priority given to companies developing open source software. The exception is made for the projects recommended by my current clients, non-commercial (charity) organizations and media (not affiliated directly with any political force).

I do not get engaged with political projects, no matter how profitable they can be.