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Ilia Stechkin, CEO

The idea

We turn your business inquiries into convenient technical solutions and provide marketing support to help you achieve the best results.

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Our services

  • Mentoring is always a reciprocal and collaborative at-will process of mutual knowledge transfer. We immerse ourselves in the specifics of the business and adapt our experience to your current specific needs. In our case, mentoring is a close collaboration to build an optimal marketing strategy:

    • Help to set your goals
    • Create a clear plan to achieve these goals
    • Support in the process of implementation of the plan

    We also conduct webinars, personal and group trainings, provide second opinion and/or auditing, help our clients choose proper tooling, create optimal workflow, track sprints on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

  • "Marketing is the activity... for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large." (American Marketing Association) We agree with this approach. In practice, we provide our clients with:

    • Marketing strategy and assistance in its implementation
    • Content for products and advertising campaigns
    • In-depth analytics to the ongoing campaigns as well as the results of the completed campaigns.

    We take performance marketing approach, which means we reach SMART goals, think about ROI and KPIs, and provide clients with transparent, relevant and reliable data in reports

  • Development is not only a technical process but also part of the project business model. The right architecture and UI/UX interfaces directly affect the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of the solution. Our core areas of expertise and provided services are:

    • Implementation of web-projects of any complexity, including high loaded ones
    • Development of mobile applications and services
    • Analytical and BI tools, business process automation

    We have a team of experienced project and product managers, programmers, ML-engineers, DevOps, testers

Our clients

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Our cases

For 10+ years we've been helping our clients to unlock their digital potential.
Check out three most high-profile projects of 2020.

  • AI-based chatbot Eli to support teenagers

    The chatbot that can answer questions about growing up, love, relationships and sexual health, including HIV prevention and treatment, has been launched on the VKontakte social network. The project was developed by the UNESCO's Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) in association with and HighLoad.Zone.

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  • TEDx KrasnayaPolyanaSalon

    We at TCL were responsible for the project's messaging, international networking and onboarding of speakers from outside Russia. Also, we actively worked in the program committee, prepared press releases before and after the event, were involved in some minor technical aspects of the project.

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  • Marketing Strategies in Business

    The primary objective of this program is to give participants the skills and knowledge they need to understand and function in marketing. We at TCL shared our expertise in digital marketing strategies and tools. Here are some references from our students: "Thank you for your practical approach. I enjoyed the session". "Good instructor & great lecture". "Motivating and innovative. It was a privilege to participate in these classes". "Never enough. I might have double course: good, will use".

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