MaaSterpiece: at the top of the heap

The main idea of the concept named Marketing-as-a-Service/Authorship-as-a-Service is to dig out stories hidden in the minds of engineers. This is possible only when the technicians very clearly understand the process of interaction with the editorial board and are satisfied with their experience of cooperation with it.

We have analyzed the basic scenarios of journalists’ interaction with the technical experts. Thus we formulated five basic role models: Author, Commentator (talking expert), Supervisor (SME), Newsmaker and Source Navigator. Then we described an algorithm of interaction for each functional role. Interaction with the engineers in view of their personal inclinations helps the company to minimize the budget of time spent on content creation. With this approach, the opportunity to publicly present their work is seen by the engineers as encouragement.

However, it is important to note that in our case it is about the community of technical experts with a high level of socialization and good communication skills. To sum up, a journalist in a non-media company serves as a hub for transmitting internal and external communication for the purpose of the company’s informational transparency and publicity.

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