Media support

Nowadays technologies are becoming separate news hooks themselves. Reports of technology novelties (from home tools to breakthrough developments at the intersection of biology and IT) always evoke great interest with the audience.

But stories of trendy gadget make only the top of an iceberg. There are, for example, information projects, serving the communities of open code developers. And there are journalists writing about infrastructure software for managers who need to make decisions and choose this or that technology to implement in their company. And in the Silicon Valley, there is a popular internet channel devoted to the events from the IT world, The Cube.

Working with media is an important element of promotion of a modern IT company. So, whom, how and what to tell?

Mitch Wagner “We are very much focused for the enterprise cloud in the intersection of technologists and business managers, in other words, business-aware technology managers and technology-aware business managers, people who prefer the technology to work to serve business”

Mitch Wagner, editor, specialist in enterprise-scale cloud solutions in the web-based media Light Reading