Website Development

Your website is the essence of your digital presence in the Internet.

Here it’s only you who makes decisions upon the information to place, the feedback to publish and services to offer. However, great opportunities mean great responsibility. In case of a failure you will have no one to blame except yourself.

To make your site correspond to what you would really want to show the world and fulfil its functions (attracting clients, shaping the image, raising the number of sales and so on), it is necessary to undergo several logical and functional steps.


  • Clearly define the aims and answer the question: Why do you need the site? These aims must be simple and explicit, so that in the future you could always tell whether they are reached.
  • Compile a brief, make a description of how you see your site, which functions it is supposed to fill and for whom, what direction it should develop, what it should look like and who should like it. This document will further on help you compile the terms of reference for specialists to do any work related to the site and its functioning, and the more detailed the brief is, the more satisfied you will be with the result due to its relevance to the picture you have in mind.
  • Compile the semantic kernel, a set of keywords and word combinations relevant to your topic and the tasks that the site fulfills. This set must be shaped from the data given by search engines and showing which kind of language your target audience uses when searching for the goods and services that you provide.
  • Semantic kernel must make the basis for the logical and navigation structure of the website, so that the user could then intuitively understand which path would take them to the target, depending on which page the search engine brings them.
  • The content must be integrated into the created navigation structure and compiled (that is, written, drawn and imposed) in such a way that search engines understood what a text is about, and the users could clearly get the message you’d like to deliver on the page (purchase, filling in a form, getting the useful information through and so on).
  • Content management system (CMS) should provide an opportunity to make corrections in the website easily and quickly, must be flexible for updating and integration with external services, differentiate between the levels of access and provide a high level of security.
  • Web hosting must be reliable and have enough resources for the smooth and fail-safe work of the site at maximum load that the visitors can make.
  • The site must be technically optimized for search engines not to make problems to web crawlers, and also to provide the highest possible attraction of the content for indexing.
  • The site must be optimized for sharing its references in social networks, simplifying this operation and raising visual and informative attractiveness of such mentions to attract more audience.

We are ready to help you focusing on important moments and dealing with hidden stones on the way of site development.

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