Content marketing

  • Sometimes the problem is that technical people think that what they know is common knowledge, and doesn’t need to be written about.
  • Sometimes they think it’s just too complicated to write about.
  • Sometimes they just don’t have the time.
  • No matter what the situation is, you need a way to get that technical gold out of their heads and into the public eye, where everyone can appreciate it and realize benefits of using it.

Solving this problem is especially important for IT Companies, where the projects and their relationships are complex, and it’s essential to regular people to understand what is going on, how things work, why they should care about it, how it can make their life easier and what needs to happen next… Yes, that’s about buying your product or service.

Nicholas Chase “OpenStack engineers are a really smart bunch. So smart, that they often need a mediator to get all that great information out of their head and into a form where “mere mortals” can consume it, but it’s crucial if you’re going to be able talk to clients about their needs and how you can help them to reach their targets using OpenStack”

Nicholas Chase, the editor in chief of the OpenStack:Unlocked