Landing pages

Landing page, or destination page, can be most generally defined as a web page the basic task of which is selling your goods or services to the user, or at least elicit the user’s contact details.

Landing pages can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Stand-alone page, an all-sufficient page in terms of design and content, with an extensive advertising proposal, and impelling to the action itself, that is, registration, buying, subscription, downloading and so on.
  • Micro site, a small size site of 1-6 pages, placed on a subdomain or on a separate domain, often used for advertising of certain projects with independent, complementary or theme related services.
  • Interior page, a page of the basic site which was decided to use to attract traffic.

We differentiate between the following types of landing pages:

  • Click-Through Landing Page, a page aiming at encouraging the user to act with the call to action placed on it. The content of this page is usually highly attractive, but not informative, and to learn more you need to use the suggested tool, a button or a link.
  • Viral landing page. The content on this page is perceived as entertainment and may not be directly associated with advertising and persuasion to buy something. The basic task of it is to broaden the circle of influence of the brand and to build positive associations.
  • Lead capture landing page. The must-have of this type of pages is a form with several fields:email, name, other data. A too long form can turn the potential client from the company, so usually only the most important fields are used, or progressive profiling with dynamic smart fields, which are changed depending on what information is already known by the marketing system.
  • Home page, the main page of the basic site. It works to reach the broad audience which is further on directed into navigation sections.
  • Advertising page, an aggressive page aiming at swirling the user in bright text and graphics and not letting them go, adding tension with the time factor (‘just 6…5…4 items left”, “end of sale in 24…23..22 minutes” and so on), literally provoking an immediate purchase without letting them reflect on the picture they see.

Our aim here is to help you find the way in the diversity of landing pages and choose the best fitting solution that would allow your business to establish cooperation with the target audience.

Landing is a tool to immediately fulfil the task of raising the sales on the internet. Do not put off your success, and contact us now.