Trainings: live and learn

For you and your team

In our work we rely on the basic principles of communicative approach to teaching and training. Communicative methodology in language learning and teaching has become prevalent and accepted in the recent decades, while its basics can be applied in many spheres connected with training.

In pursuance of this approach, we encourage our trainees to search information, deduce the rules and connections, discuss the process in groups and present the results to the others. We delegate a lot of responsibility for their success to the students, serving them as facilitators. We follow the PPP-model (presentation, practice, production) where possible, and tend to spend less time explaining the material rather than giving our students to work on their own. We prepare the tasks that require establishing new links between blocks of information, and do not suggest readymade ideas.

Technologies are changing rapidly… fresh idea, isn’t it? But are you sure made all necessary conclusions from this? For example, as an employer, you need not only to train new employees, helping them to integrate with the staff, but also upgrade the skills of your company’s veterans. We are ready to help you develop the training courses and provide methodological support.

If you are certain about implementing the MaaS concept into your business practice, you should devote some time to the training of your staff to use this way of interaction. Upon our word, it’s a worthy practice! As a result, you will get the process of well tuned info exchange going inside the company, and will also be able to tell about your high technology goods and services without wasting the engineers’ expensive working time. In addition, you will react efficiently to journalists’ inquiries and even provoke their inquiries with substantial press releases.

Do you represent some media? We are ready to offer you a course of effective interaction with high tech companies. We know for sure that new technologies today make a high-demand news peg. You can have a look at the statements of the study course “New technologies as newsbreak” by ordering our e-book.

For your future colleagues (University relations)

Although we don’t often think of it that way, university relations are a type of marketing activity. Promoting any technology as an industrial standard means taking it to scientists, lecturers and students. In fact, Silicon Valley is teeming with successful projects that have been boosted by the academic environment.

You could even say that projects that don’t originate from the military industry usually have their origins in the universities, colleges or schools. Apple, Facebook, Google… It’s no accident that in her book, “Secrets of Silicon Valley”, Deborah Perry Pescione begins her inside look at the area’s uniquely innovative culture at Singularity University and continues with Stanford University, talking about how Stanford “offer[s] tighter coordination and greater connectivity with the business community, teaching real life experience”, and these traditions are evident in the future success of innovations that were born near San Francisco.

Today we see the proliferation of MacBooks and iPads in schools, but if you’re over 40 you remember how Apple flooded the education market, bringing the Apple II series to schools: The “two Steves” understood that by getting schools to teach their students to use a computer, they were enlarging Apple’s potential market, but more than that, those kids came out of school thinking that Apples were the only way to go; an “IBM PC” was a non-starter.

We all know this; why not do the same for your company? We all have something to share. Let’s do it now together. We are ready to help you moving this way.