Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

White hat SEO

In terms of search optimization, the idiom “white hat SEO” or “ethical SEO” mean the techniques focused above all on human audience, and hence following the specific policies and rules established by the search engines.

Guidance with the ethical approach is preferred by those who are inclined to make long-term investments into their sites and would like to avoid sanctions from the search engines, and at the same time are building the solid foundation of trust from the target audience and raising the traffic.

The “white hat SEO” techniques comprise compiling the semantic kernel and working with it, organizing campaigns to attract external links from other web resources, analyzing visitors’ behaviour on the site and adapting the content to match their expectations, and many more.

Black hat SEO

This type presupposes aggressive techniques of search optimization which break the policies and rules of search engines, establishing as its primary goal getting into top search results and reaching the highest possible level of traffic.

Such unethical techniques are applied in such cases when there is a necessity of fast return on investments and the readiness to take high risks, because usually applying “black” methods finally results in bans from the search engines.

Among others, “black” methods include: overloading pages with search queries, invisible text, doorways, dynamic page substitution after indexing, damaging the competitors’ reputation, different attacks on the competitors’ web sites, starting from DDoS and hacking and finishing with driving up the digits of behavioural factors and buying large numbers of irrelevant external links, which can cause losing positions in search results and sanctioning from search engines.

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